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Covers Most of Gauteng and Most of Durban. We offer mobile toilet hire for construction, security, events, or any other occasion you might have. We Manufacture plastic portable toilets + Trailer toilets. For any portable toilet requirements, we are able to assist.

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Main areas of service : We Cover Gauteng, Durban and North Coast. We cater for: Construction, Events, Functions, Funerals, Weddings and anything you may require.

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We provide toilet hire or toilet rental, with a wide variety of portable toilets. We offer Executive Trailer Toilets, VIP units (Plastic), Flushable units (Plastic) and Non-flush units (Plastic).

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We Offer: Non-flush (Plastic) | Flush (Plastic) | VIP (Plastic, Flushable, Hand Wash Basin, Light Fitting & Mirror) | Executive Trailer Toilet



Mack Loo toilets are manufactured from virgin raw materials that ensure high quality at all times. All parts are manufactured individually and can simply be replaced, this means maintenance is a breeze. The Mackloo Portable toilet consists of 5 interchangeable parts.

Mack Loo Portable Toilet Hire was started in June 2012, by two brothers Stewart Mackintosh and Mark Mackintosh. Mack Loo Portable Toilet Hire has since become a fierce competitor in the portable toilet market focusing on owner supervised services and co ordination. We base the business on superior service and inferior market related prices.

We offer a plastic range of portable toilets (Non Flush, Flush, VIP) and the Executive Trailer Toilets.

Mack Loo manufactures their own range of plastic portable toilets. We hire and sell our portable toilets.

Portable toilets are an effective way to supply sanitary requirements in any situation. Portable toilets are supplied for short term, (generally events) or long term (generally construction/security). We can tailor any toilet hire package you may require.

Our requirements to hire a mobile toilet are minimal. We focus on making the toilet hire experience effortless as possible.

Our mission – To deliver an above standard toilet hire experience.

Health and Safety – We ensure our toilet hire is compliant and meets all regulatory standards.

Mack Loo Toilet Hire & Sales – Reliable, efficient, affordable toilet hire. Toilet hire for construction, security and events. Call us for delivery now.

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